Photography by Constantin Gindele

A Night At The End Of The World – presented by Assemble Theatre Collective


The year is 2040. Denmark has been destroyed by a series of devastating floods brought on by climate change. Those who remain live alone, cut off from all human connection. One man, aging in solitude, clings to all he has left: memories of the old world, stark against this bleak and terrifying present.

Set in an underground bunker in the heart of Copenhagen, this immersive theatrical production re-imagines the evocative language of Krapp’s Last Tape by Samuel Beckett like never before.

Assemble Theatre Collective — Copenhagen’s newest entry to the English-language theatre scene — presents an immersive theatrical experience based on Samuel Beckett’s iconic Krapp’s Last Tape. Set in an underground bunker in the heart of Copenhagen, this sensory theatrical production will captivate audiences with a uniquely intimate experience.

Formed by new and established theatre-makers from Copenhagen, the Assemble Collective presented its first work, Fragile by David Grieg, at the Copenhagen Theatre Circle’s Fringe Festival in 2019. To follow the success of that debut production, the collective has re-imagined the evocative language of Samuel Beckett like never before.

Iven Gilmore, a familiar face on Copenhagen stages, will take the lead in this one-man show, portraying Krapp, a character rumored to be based heavily on Samuel Beckett himself. With a diverse background in theatre, Gilmore balances the comic and tragic elements of the character, creating a version of Krapp that is uniquely his own. The immersive elements of the performance area co-created by a diverse team with experience in theatre, film, music, sound design and architecture.

“This is not your usual night at the theatre! We want to take the audience on a journey through the earth, through time, through their own memories,”
 said Carol Hayes, Director and Founder of Assemble Collective, who has long dreamed of staging this production. “Beckett’s work is so ahead of it’s time that in 2019 it feels more relevant than ever before. By setting the play in the near future, the play offers a human angle to the growing global climate crisis, exploring how our actions and their consequences shape our future.”

Times: November 7, 8, 9, 13 & 14 at 19:45. November 10 at 14:45.

Location: Herman Triers Plads, 1631 Copenhagen V

Run time: Approximately 65 mins.

Tickets: 120kr (including irish coffee)
Booking: Email Group and student discounts available on request.

This is a LIMITED CAPACITY venue with restricted access – please email with any questions regarding disabled access.

About Assemble Theatre Collective

Assemble is a collective of creative contributors from all around the world. Through our unique approaches to theatre-making, we create dynamic and experiential performances that explore the pressing issues of our time. We create experiences that stay with the audience long after they have left the theatre, opening up new conversations and contemplations in the everyday.


Iven Gilmore – Actor
Constantin Gindele – Production development
Carol Hayes – Production development and director
Rachel Kador – Vocal coach and PR
Irina Nica – Set design
Carlos Perez – Sound Design
Lakeisha Salto and Alun Thomas – Stage management